Thank you for booking with us

Here is your process to get you on your way!

By Signing this agreement means you have read and agree to all terms and conditions below. Once you have Initialed and Signed the document, please email it back to us. We will also need your driver license and all guest names and ages emailed to us. If you have added a dog or dogs 2 being the limit 25 lbs. max, we will need a pet photo emailed to us to be approved. Please email us the following requested information adding your reservation # in the subject line after booking with us it will be emailed to you. Check your junk or spam folders. Once we have received your information you will get an email from us letting you know we have confirmed and received. Watch for your email 7 days prior to your arrival with the directions and door code. If we have not received this needed information, we have requested you will not receive the directions or door code to your lake home.

Signing this agreement means you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions above. Sign and
send back by the next business day.
Please sign all credit card slip(s) if any, and send them back to us as well.

Email Us:
*I understand that my credit card will be held for any damages or excessive cleaning*

You Cannot exceed the maximum number of guests in any of our Lake Homes!
Watch for our emails to you, checking your SPAM folder.
Unfortunately, we have had guests in the past that have missed important details in our contract. We have found it’s
better to repeat a few important clauses, instead of taking the risk of someone missing important information. I
apologize if you find our contract repetitive, but we have had to make these accommodations to try and cover a
broad spectrum of clients. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.
Safe travels and we look forward to your visit with us! We are thrilled to have you as our guest and look forward to
the opportunity to make it all you hope it will be, and more!
We are thrilled to have you as our guest and look forward to the opportunity to make it all you hope it will be, and

Douglas Lake Vacations Rental Policy Agreement: Initial Sign and email back to us
______ Please check the dates to see that they are correct with your booking, if wrong please give us a call.
______ You must be at least 25 years or older to rent from Douglas Lake Vacations.
______Your Directions, Instructions, and Door Code will be emailed to you 7 days prior to your arrival. Please check your Inbox,
Junk and Spam folders.
______ We must have from you the signed agreement, driver license, guest name and ages, pet vet records showing the dog’s
weight is 25 lbs. or less, and a picture of the dog or dog(s) Limit 2. Pet Friendly Lake homes only. We need this information back
to us the next business day!
Absolutely No Parties. You Must give the Exact number of people when you book. Do Not go over the Limit.
______ Lake Home should be left in the order it was when you checked in. Please do not move the furniture. There will be extra
additional charges to the card on file if you do not comply with our policy.
______ We are advising all guests 4:00pm check in is NOT a guarantee. We appreciate your patience and understanding during
this time
______ Check in: 4:00pm. Please No Early Check-In
______ Check out: 10:00am. Please No Late Check-Out.
______ A. Payment & Final Payments: Payment for reservation is 50% of total charges, unless booking 60 days prior to arrival
and then 100% of the booking will be due for the final payment. The agent has your permission to charge the card on file
automatically. Please sign the credit card slip(s) and send them back to us.
______ B. You are obligated for the dates you reserved. Cancellations, and Early Departures: No refunds are given for any
cancellations or early departures at any time. Please check on purchasing Trip Insurance in case of Cancellation emergency. We
can possibly move dates out if notified 60 days in advance. VRBO Guests if you cancel before the 60 days you receive a refund
of payment minus -$150.00 for booking fees.
______We cannot make changes to the reservation. No adding more guests or pets after booking. NO EXCEPTIONS!
______No additional REFUNDS due to the following reasons: road and/or weather, amenities in and at the cabin, pictures, docks
not in the water or LOW LAKE LEVELS. We have NO control of high water over docks from a downpour of rain.
______ TVA is a regulated reservoir lake and is your responsibility to be up-to-date on lake levels. 865-632-2264 or Lake Levels
______ A minimum fee of $150.00 will be charged to your credit card if excessive cleaning is required to cabin, hot tub, or
______ You are responsible for hauling off your garbage. Instructions are in your cabin or on your direction paper. Minimum
$25.00 PER BAG! We expect 1 or 2 bags because of your last night stay and it is covered under the cleaning fee, but any more
than 2 bags will be charged to card on file or deducted from your damage deposit.

______ You will have a starter kit with 1 roll of paper towels and toilet paper to get you started until you are able to go shopping.
We do not furnish soap, garbage bags, coffee filters or lake towels.
______ All wood burning fireplaces MUST BE completely extinguished prior to checkout. No smoldering coals to be left behind.
______ Pet friendly lake homes (Dogs) No Cats 25 lbs. or less, limit 2. $100.00 each. If we find or see a dog over 25 lbs. at your
lake home, you will be asked to leave.
______ Cabins with PROPANE Grills:  Guests are responsible for tank switch out in the tank. Please check the tank prior to
using the grill.
______ Guest is responsible for letting dock out or bringing dock in during your stay in order to keep the dock in
working order. If you are unable to do this, please contact the office immediately.
______ NO SMOKING inside any lake homes. Smoke in designated areas outside, ONLY! There is a $500 penalty violation
charged to the card on file and we will pursue you to the ends of the Earth to get it.
______ Amenities Liability Waiver:  You agree to hold harmless and indemnify the unit owner and Douglas Lake Vacations
for any “bodily injury, or death” caused as a result of the use of amenities at this rental property. Amenities are defined as (but not
limited to) swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, saunas, exercise equipment, small water craft, bicycles, fire pits, docks, lot, and
______ Any mechanical, electrical, or other malfunction will be repaired as soon as possible within working office hours. No
refunds will be issued unless the unit becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.
______ Fireplace are operational Nov 1 – March 31 Subject to change pending on weather. Not all fireplaces are functionable.
Some are ornamental.
_____ Pools in Season Memorial Day – September Only. Resort pools subject to change with HOA rules. No Dogs in the pool!
Will Be Charged for damages.
_____ Your name being on this reservation means you are responsible for and will pay for any damages done to cabins or hot
tubs. Damages will be charged to the card on file. Acts of vandalism will be reported to the police
_____ A. Douglas Lake Vacations is solely the booking agent and not the Owner/Landlord of this unit.
_____ Grass: We have lawn Maintenance however, when it rains for days and days and the lawn has not been mowed it’s to be
expected to be high. Mother nature is out of our control and will get it as soon as possible.
_____ Please call the office immediately if you have problems, or concerns about your rental that you just checked into. Do
not wait till check out and then report your issues. We would like to have the opportunity to address the issues, or to be informed
of. If it’s after hours please wait until the next business day, also if you find any damages to the cabin upon your arrival, please
report that as well, so we can have these on record as not belonging to your stay. As you acknowledge you are responsible for any
and all damage (including, but not limited to) The unit, hot tub, hot tub cover or any theft that happens in the unit during
the hours of your stay. Enjoy our Lake homes!