Too Early For 4th of July 2018? No sir!

As of writing, the colors are still turning, the leaves are still falling and we’re looking forward to falling temperatures, Halloween and the upcoming Winterfest kickoffs that will happen in a few weeks.

So is it appropriate to talk about the 4th of July? Oh yes, it is.

Think back to the many Summers of each year you’ve been a guest on Earth. What is the absolute peak of the Summer season for celebration and festivity? The 4th of July, baby. Fireworks. Grills. Water guns. Sun tan lotion. Baseball. Swimming. Lots and lots of swimming. And what’s a place to go to where’s lots of swimming, space for outdoor activities and convenience to see the fireworks? Douglas Lake. In fact, one of our busiest times, more than Christmas, Thanksgiving and all, is the 4th of July for those reasons alone.

We’re talking about the 4th of July because reservations for our cabins are at such a demand that our Smoky Mountain visitors begin reserving for Summer 2018 before 2017 has even ended! If you’ve been to any of Douglas Lake Vacations’ cabins for the Summer or haven’t gotten to try something as awesome as Independence Day with the fam at a luxury lakeside cabin, we encourage you to reserve today while you can!

You can see our cabins at or call us at 865-977-6009.